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Stroll on Story, Stroly

  Stroly is a map platform that allows you to experience and share the diverse stories within the place.With the birth of smart phones and map apps, it became easier to acknowledge our locations. The map apps function as tools to provide accurate information of your destination and of your current location. However, the information provided from map apps cannot share the stories of how the people living there have felt and thought throughout the time. Also, it is hard to imagine the shape of the city and what kind of stories will be created in the future.
   Stroly has been focusing on the information that had been missed out through the map apps and have been collecting maps all around the world. Stroly maps provide opportunities to seek for new discoveries of the city and to connect/communicate with the people around you. If you switch to Stroly map, you will realize how diverse the world is.


What you can do with Stroly

  • 01
    Free expression

    Make your original map to express your place. It’s okay for Stroly to have inaccurate scale or incorrect orientation. Let’s express your map without any restrictions.

  • 02
    Easy Editor

    You can easily publish the map by uploading the map image, associating the latitude / longitude information, and adding the “landmark information” of recommended stores and spots with the Stroly editor.

  • 03
    Search for various map libraries

    Don’t forget to add hashtags to make it easy to search.

  • 04
    Share your map

    Add pins, routes and comments on the map and share it through SNS etc.

Our solution


Stroly is an ideal tool for branding
specific place, facilities and events.

  • Travel Agency
    Travel Agency

  • Real Estate, Apartment Development
    Land Developer

  • Transportation Company
    Transportation Company

  • Amusement Facility
    Amusement Facility

  • Rock Festival
    Music Festival

  • Bridal Business
    Bridal Business

  • Creating Fun Maps and Planning Map Events
    Planning and Producing attractive maps

    We plan and create maps for your business along with multiple design productions.

  • Selling Map Usage Data
    Provide map usage data

    We will provide you with data that can be used for various analysis such as the usage status of maps. (BETA product)

    Map Information
  • Selling Map Usage Data
    Lead from offline map

    By providing the QR code of the map, we can guide users from offline maps on guide books and signboard to digitized map.

    Map Information


Technology that can display location information
even on a map that does not match the actual scale

Scales and location information on maps such as old maps and illustrated maps are not necessarily accurate. In the conventional technology, it was difficult to display the location on these maps due to to technical barrier. However, Stroly allows them to be mapped to actual latitude and longitude.


No special development required with Stroly editor

You can easily publish your map by uploading the map image, associating the latitude / longitude information, and adding the “landmark information” of recommended stores and spots with the Stroly editor.

We are Stroly


Company Profile

Stroly Inc.

109-1 Kanegaecho, Shimogyo, Kyoto



We develop and operate the online map platform Stroly with our mission; “Encouraging people around the world to express and share the diverse perspectives of their places”.

Our Team

  • Machi Takahashi Co-Founder, Co-CEO, President
    Machi Takahashi
  • Toru Takahashi Co-Founder, Co-CEO
    Toru Takahashi
  • Aya Kuwahara CSO
    Aya Kuwahara
  • Ryosuke Iwasaki CFO
    Ryosuke Iwasaki
  • Yuko Ichikawa Outside Director
    Yuko Ichikawa
  • Masahiro Ihara Technical Advisor
    Masahiro Ihara